Is it worth selling my D3 for a D4?

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Re: Is it worth selling my D3 for a D4?

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The D4 is two more generations newer than a D3. Enough said. Like a older camera is going to be better than a newer one. Hard for me me to think of one that ever has been.

If an older camera will do everything that you need, then that's a lot better for my pocketbook.

You can say that about anything. If that's the case, I never should have sold my 1972 Ford Maverick.


Then again there are people like you who must have the latest and greatest and will justify by any means possible.

Then again there are people that realy NEED that camera because it lets you get the

shot that pays the bills... !

The camera handles 10 pix per second with full AF and it does that WITH raw files

for a  few seconds... ! Thats enough to get THE shot you need and that you dont miss it !

If you are a photojournalist you sometimes or even in most cases just have a second or two

time to get your shot and in the end you will have something like 5 shots to chose from.......!

The camera handles 1000 iso like the D2X handled 200 iso.. !

It enables you to use your SB910 at full speed..... it just handles it at full speed while with

a D3 the flash would go after 5 frames...... because you needed more the double the power..... !

In fashion photography you can use nikon SB flashes rather then some bulky studio flashes

that pack much smaller....... !

The camera lasts for something like 4 -5 years in average pro use thats not more then 4 to 5 dollars

a day... thats nothing compared to a few hundred bucks that you can earn a day with it...... !


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