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Re: XZ-10 ISO samples

I do appreciate you taking samples, but is it possible to just go outside and take a normal landscape or cityscape image.  Taking cans of food, or newspaper indoors at close range is not all that useful.

Also there is not need to do all the work to make crops, if doing so is going to strip the EXIFs.  Just make some images around the yard, in daylight, low-light, flowers, whatever.

I'm considering the XZ-10 but I honestly don't understand what all the review sites are doing as there are almost no samples on the web.  Nothing but a few sites for abroad, but DPR, PhotographyBlog, TechRadar, et al, are useless for the two most interesting high end compact released recently, the XZ-10 and P330.

So since you happen to have the XZ-10, you are in a position to change all that by putting up some full-sized images on Flickr.  They don't have to be test photos, just some images outdoors.

Thanks for your hard work, but honestly just some simple un-resized images would help most.

Much appreciated.  Regards, and happy shooting, Markus

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