A result of negative user feedback for Windows 8?

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Sean Nelson
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Re: I'm investigating the possibility that Linux might be an answer. . .

Archer66 wrote:

Sean Nelson wrote:

The problem is that not every computer is a mobile device, and systems with large screens and a keyboard for bulk text entry are horrible to use with a touch interface.   Windows 8 is trying its best to ignore that market, much to the chagrin of its users.

To my knowledge Win 8 supports keyboards, might be wrong tho.

It's not that they don't support keyboards, it's that they're trying to cajole you into using an interface that's optimized for a touch device rather than for a keyboard and mouse.   Not a problem for mobile users, but very annoying for those who have desktop computers.

Glen Barrington wrote:

Serious photo editing.  The simple truth is there are THOUSANDS of applications optimised for keyboard and mouse, and a handful of apps designed for touch.  and NONE of them are anywhere close to Photoshop or Lightroom in terms of complexity and power.

If you're a graphics professional then a large, desktop-monitor-sized drawing tablet laid horizontally on a table on which you can directly manipulate the image by touch might actually be a lot better and more intuitive to use than a vertical monitor and mouse.   I'm not totally convinced that arm fatigue wouldn't make you want to use a mouse anyway, but I'm certainly willing to believe that some graphics artists might prefer it.

But that kind of setup doesn't work as well if you do a lot of keyboarding.  There are enough users who rely on a keyboard to deserve an interface that works well with it and a mouse.  If Microsoft throws enough obstacles in their way then they'll be tempted to go elsewhere.

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