Best desktop computer for photography work.

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Scott Eaton Senior Member • Posts: 2,217
Re: In truth, I don't think it matters any more. . .

>>>Linux seems a far more dynamic environment for graphic software that will only get better.

Based on what? Linux can't even run most of these software packages native without clunking around with Wine, and even that results in a subpar experience. Time being money in my case I'd rather buy an OS that supports  the software I use.

Gimp does not equal Photoshop.

Maybe if people doing development on free software packages for Linux actually got a paycheck for doing so you'd see more. Otherwise, other than lightweight photo-editing I don't see much happening at all on 'Nix other than cancelled projects. Hating the commercial aspects of Apple, Adobe and Microsoft (the main motivation for most Open Source Linux development) doesn't motivate software to be developed.

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