Future of Pentax?

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Re: Future of Pentax?

Gerry Winterbourne wrote:

Andrew53 wrote:

These differences extend to the Pentax 645D, where they are even more noticeable, so my hope is that Pentax not only releases a FF K-5 like camera, but I also hope they release an update to the 645D with a full 645 size sensor. These optical characteristics will always remain which is why the Nikon D800 is no replacement for a medium format. It isn't all about the pixels, noise or even sharpness. The "look" of larger formats has more to do with DOF and how it changes.

Indeed.  Where many people go wrong in comparing crop sensors with FF (or, indeed, any smaller with larger format) is confusing "is there a difference?" - to which the answer is always "yes" - with "is the difference worth the cost-size-weight penalty?" - to which the answer is "it depends on your priorities (which it's wrong to impose on others)".

True. And a particular photographer may have different priorities for different purposes.

When I'm on my feet all day at an airshow or similar event, perhaps getting rained on, I really appreciated my K-7 & K-5 (and now K-5IIs). And my compatible older cameras act as back-ups for my latest, which has proved useful.

But in a studio everything is very different. Size and weight are not constraints, and I want to squeeze out the best quality I can. I have even wondered whether the Pentax 645D would be suitable. (Probably yes, but well out of my price-range!)

I don't know how big and heavy an FF Pentax would be, but I can imagine that I wouldn't want to carry it (plus lenses) around all day. But it might be a perfect studio camera, perhaps with added lenses that I wouldn't normally use.

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