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Re: I'm investigating the possibility that Linux might be an answer. . .

Glen Barrington wrote:

I'm still running dual boot with Win 7 and Unbutu Linux, still looking for glitches.  Unbutu was pretty easy to install, and as the foundation for a digital darkroom, I'd say, so far, it seems like a do-able option, though not perfect.

I've looked at Raw Therapee as a replacement for Lightroom and I'd say it's almost there.  The raw development is pretty good but I'm less thrilled with its functions as a photo management tool...

I'd look at Corel AfterShot Pro as a replacement for Lightroom.  A native linux version is available   I have it installed in both Windows 7 and Linux and it works great.

You can download a trial version that works for 30 days.  Just use the .deb files for your Ubuntu install.

Then, if you decide you like it, buy it and plug in the license key you get (no reinstall needed to make it a registered copy).


BTW, the same license key will work in both your Windows and Linux installs.  That was a feature of Bibble Pro (the Pro version allowed you to install it on more than one OS with the same license, and Corel maintained that ability after they purchased Bibble labs a while back and relaunched the product as AfterShot Pro).

Here's a pretty good webinar that goes into many of it's features.  You'll see more advanced tasks like using edit layers and regions about 30 minutes into it.


I'd suggest watching it to get a better idea of what AfterShot Pro is capable of, since it can take a while to feel your way through all of it's features, and it would give you a better idea of what to look for to improve image management and editing workflow using it.

Gimp. . . is usable.  I still don't like its UI.  As near as I can tell, it appears to be the only editor aimed at the 'serious' photographer, but the need for a different editor will be minimized if a decent  workflow product appears.  Raw Therapee could turn into one with a little additional developmental effort I think, and there is anther I've heard some good things about called "DarkTable", I believe.  I haven't explored that product yet.

I've got lots of different graphics apps for linux installed.   But, I really don't have any need for a more full featured editing product, as the tweaks I an make in AfterShot Pro serve my needs just fine.

Also yet to explore is WINE, a windows emulator.

Do you know what WINE stands for?   Wine Is Not an Emulator.

Basically, it's libraries are designed to replace the native Windows libraries; and in some cases, programs will run faster in Wine than they do in Windows.   More often, the opposite is true though.    Not everything will run in Wine (for example, you may have issues with the newest versions of some products).  But, many things will run in WINE.    If you've got a legal copy of Windows, there are ways to use some of the actual Windows libraries in Wine, too.

In any event, I'd use products like PlayOnLinux to help out in that area; as it can do things like maintain separate virtual copies of Wine installs, each with their own libaries and Wine version, with settings optimized for a given software app, and can install some of the libraries some programs may need automatically.   Get it here:


Or, just install Windows in a Virtual Machine using something like VirtualBox or VMPlayer (both free).   That way, you don't need to reboot to run Windows apps that work better in Windows than they do in Wine (since you'd be running an actual copy of Windows inside of a Virtual Machine that way).

Personally, I don't bother.  If I need Windows for anything, I just reboot into my Windows partition.   But, I very rarely need it and use Linux > 99% of the time.  I mostly keep it installed for testing of camera manufacturers' software.  Otherwise, I'd just remove it and free up the space that Windows is wasting.

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