Red River Video for printing to Canon Printers!

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For all the printers/editing apps....

jtoolman wrote:

Since printing to a Canon printer using Color Managed workflow is a bit different than when printing to EPSON, here is a short video from Red River papers on just how to do it PROPERLY.

This will apply to just about any Canon printer when printing out of Photoshop to a specific paper with a specific ICC profile made for that Paper!

If anything, you will take away just where Canon has hidden the Color Management ON / OFF feature.

Live that on and then also let Photoshop manage colors through a Canon or any other ICC profile for a Canon printer / paper combination, and you end up with an ugly double profiled print.

There is also a video for using their ICC profiles ( or anyone else for that matter ) on HP and for Epson Printers.



Red River, has a list of videos and tutorials for all the popular combinations of printers, editing apps, using both MAC and Windows....

Bob P.

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