Photoshop upgrade no longer possible

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Re: Yes...... but, but no

Long ago, Adobe stopped marketing their products as a value proposition, and started marketing them as a power proposition.  In virtue of the fact that they have, for now at least, embedded themselves as a professional standard, they have ceased taking an interest in providing up-to-date software concepts for professional use, and concentrated instead on outright and often hostile manipulation of their customer base.

Photoshop is more than fifteen years out-of-date as a software architecture.  Video editors have received sophisticated new tools such as Nuke using advanced architectures with powerful capabilities.  Adobe does not feel that they need to compete with this, preferring to produce minor updates to a buggy design that only accumulates more and more kludges.

If Adobe spent half the money they spend on marketing on research and development, they might have something.  But there's no point left in hoping.  The moment an intelligent design for image processing software arrives, something more along the lines of Niuke, I'll be gone and never look back.

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