Is an ultrawide DPM possible?

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this is ridiculous

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well, you are wrong here. I can disagree with your FACTS as much as i want, no matter how many caps you use, actually...

OK. Let's talk facts. So, are you quoting statistics? Post a link please so I can check them out. Plus, define wide angle. Prime? Zoom? Define semi professional / professional lenses. Which professionals? Etc.

Ok this one is easy . Just take a look at the pro lenses in Nikon Canon , catalog .Look at how many 24mm you have and now compare with 21mm.  This is even true of mirorless cameras ( arguably a market that sigma would look at for a new focal length for the DPM). there is 24mm FOV for olympus , for Sony . I do not know of ANY 21mm FOV in the mirorless market

These are FACTS... oopps sorry make that facts ... and this is easily verified by anyone here on the forum who can spend  5 minutes on any photo store website

Hmm, no.

Zooms. Check all the WA zooms, from all manufacturers, and then come back to me. Both DSLR and m4/3. ALL of them go wider than 24mm. Normal zooms start either from 24 or 28mm. Tele zooms from 70-80 mm. Fact.

Oh I did not realize  we were talking about a ZOOM .. but hey wait , we are talking about a fixed focal length for a 4th dpm so in your world , comparing with zooms make more senses that with fixed focal lengths of other brands

You are so determined to make your preference to be a fact that your bias is almost laughable

and btw  the fact that  wide angle  zomm lenses covered more than 24mm is normal this is why they are not normal zoomz

Primes: it is clear than today's major manufacturers' trend is towards zoom and not primes in WA; so Nikon and Canon tend to stop at 24mm with their primes. But then again, have you heard about Zeiss, for FF cameras?






Or Leica?


21mm (one f3.4, one f1.4, even)

yes I have heard of zeiss manual focus for AF bodies  but  again you cannot find a brand that would have a 21mm in its catalog and not one ( or more ) 24mm and 28mm . thereverse  cannot be said. again a verifiable fact

and I would let people here decide . Nikon has an old formula  of its 20mm . BUT it offers  TWO versions ( one bright one super bright ) of a 24mm and 28mm lens

outside fish eye and Shift lenses which are 17mm FOV or less , the wide angle pro lens of Canon is a 24mm

Olympus and sony in mirorless have 24mm but no 21mm ( fuji has a 21mm but a 24mm is coming)

BUT YOU , said that  21mm would be more successful for the sigma dp2m

so  , I am thinking who has more accurate info about most popular focal lengths for  good sales numbers  : Nikon-Canon Or Vieri...mmm  tough choice  , ?

well no easy answer


I see that logic eludes you, and you like to mix and match your arguments as they best suit you. Laughable indeed. Ok, you win, happy?

Check what I wrote and  show me where I am wrong instead of this childish comebacks

I still hope that Sigma, which apparently doesn't know better than you since they produced a focal that according to you nobody wants such as 28mm, will keep producing focals that according to you nobody wants (but that, no matter what you say, in the real world we really like and need) and will give us a 21mm or, even better, a 18mm WA Merrill sooner than later.

you are crazy . I NEVER said that . what I said was 24mm is now more popular among pros than 28mm ( but is also more difficult to design than a 28mm for a compact lens). PLEASE do not  put words in my mouth

Again, this is my hope and my opinion and I never stated otherwise, contrary to your laughable pretence of making this a FACT-based (or fact-based) discussion...

This is RIDICULOUS .as I have said all majr companies  have one or more 24 and 28 mm FOV while they do not always have a 21mm. Zeiss has both . Only FUJI has 21mm instead of 24m for the Xpro 1 . NOW if this  correct , YES OR NO ?

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