New Epson 3540_AUTO firmware update & blocking non OEM carts?

Started Mar 31, 2013 | Questions thread
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printwoeman New Member • Posts: 9
New Epson 3540_AUTO firmware update & blocking non OEM carts?

Wasn't aware of this issue, but seems to have been around a good while.

Need some guidance / advice on this - please.

Epson - probably others - using firmware updates to make it hard / impossible to use compatibles or refillable carts.  I planned on refillables.  Found quite a few posts -now that I know about it, going back yrs.

Just installed WF-3540 few days ago & chose wireless connection (maybe bad choice).  Soon as it finished installing software / drivers, it IMMEDIATELY started "checking for newer firmware."  No warning; no option to do it now, later or never; no Stop or Cancel.  Just did it - & finished in < 1 min.  "Said" it installed new firmware.

Now, I find out this often causes problems w/ using non OEM carts.

What are my options?  I don't know whether to take this unit back, get another & start over.  Don't THINK there's a way to roll back firmware.

Other than buying a / some compatibles & checking, how would one know?  Doubt I'll invest in a refillable kit, just to find out, then be out that $.

Occurred to me that choosing ethernet or USB conn. vs Wireless could prevent it from accessing internet, at will.  For wireless setup, have to enter router's PW.  I don't know the answer.  At least w/ ethernet, you could disconnect internet immediately after install, then set up FW rules to deny all Epson files access.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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