R3000 problems and - no end in sight

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Re: R3000 problems and - no end in sight

jtoolman wrote:

lilredss wrote:

I have been following your problem and am anxiously waiting for some fix for your problem.  My R3000 does the same thing.  I purchased it in November of 2011 and it worked great for a year and then about about 2 months ago I started getting the back ink marks on the photos. Sometimes I can print 1 or 2 photos without the ink marks but then the next 5 or 6 will have them.

I'm about ready to throw it into the trash and buy something else to print with.


Have any of you checked your purge pad or capping station where the head sits during non use?

Part of the maintenance process for PRO printers is the monthly cleaning of that are. You add cleaning fluid or Windex with ammonia, let it sit for a few minutes and blot it off. If there is build up of liquid ink goo anywhere, it will be there. Any ink build up under the head will be deposited as black mark usually running either in the direction of paper feed or head travel.

Heads strikes due to printing on thick material will be more likely to occur and leave marks.

If there is indeed a universally occurring problem with the front feed for instance, it seems to go unnoticed as many people including me can print on most materials by feeding through the top feed. and increasing the platen gap accordingly.

Bob Petruska here in the forum probably has the most experience with this printer and has yet to experience any such problems.

I would love to see a list of settings on the R3000 that are causing these marks.

Or is it totally a random occurrence?

How are you feeding the paper and what papers are you printing on.

OEM inks or 3rd party.



I am using Epson ink and use mostly Epson paper and some Red River paper. I used Epson Luster mostly and rarely used the Red River Polar Pearl Metallic. In the 17 months that I have had it I think I have printed on Epson Velvet Fine Art paper 5 or 6 times. I probably print 3 or 4 photos a week.

I have clean the pads and did all the things that you suggested to op of this thread  to do as i have been following this thread and his older thread. But nothing has helped.


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