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Yes Adobe wants to go cloud, on paper it seems more profitable and the income is more consistent and predictable.

However they will have serious issues implementing it. While many users have internet access, there are many who do not.

What if I put it on my laptop and then go on a month long trip into nature and am only charging up the laptop on generators and such... part way through the trip the computer decides to check in on adobe to make sure I've still paid and it can't connect and disables adobe products? I'd be pretty ticked off if I had paid and couldn't use it because of lack of internet.

What if I work for a large company and their firewall interferes with such check ins?

What if I work for a large company and they don't like making such agreements and prefer to make purchases?

What if I work for a company with about 120 people in my department and only 25-30 of them need adobe products? But the way cloud works in enterprise is you need to buy for every full-time-employee. So I've just gone from buying 25 licenses to 120 licenses, for many people who will never use the software. As security guard or custodian is not going to be using it, why should the company have to pay for it?

As a result, while they are making a huge effort into saying "this is the best solution" and trying to make everyone ok with the idea, and get them used to the idea that Cloud is coming, it's not going to be easy for them to make it happen in a way that they can please everyone. So the way I see it you will see a united front of Adobe people saying "this is happening" or "it is inevitable" but they are going to have some serious push-back and it's not going to go as smoothly as Adobe wants. In the end there will likely be a way to purchase the programs out right for quite some time, even if you have to go through the process of calling up customer support and asking specifically for it.

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