Resolution of M43 lenses

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Re: I disagree

I actually don't personally expect that much of an increase going to the E-M5. I posted about this elsewhere, but basically if the camera were the limiting factor I'd expect a super-sharp lens like the 75/1.8 to have more of a plateau around its best apertures, but its results are very peaky, suggesting the lens is a substantial part of the result. the 70-200 is flatter at the top, suggesting to me there is more room for improvement (i.e. it's run into the sensor limit - strictly the answer is always a combination of the two in some proportion, but it looks to me like the 75/1.8 is more lens limited, and hence the 12-35 will be too, while the 70-200 is more back-end limited). Not that I'm saying the 12-35 won't improve, just I'd expect a lot less of an improvement than the increase in linear pixel density.

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