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Re: I disagree

I read the PhotoZone figures (and interpret their FAQ) differently to Anders and give them more validity for cross-camera comparisons accordingly (provided the test dates are fairly close, say 12-18 months, allow more lattitude otherwise for raw-processing improvements) . I would like him to say that's his opinion based on his reading of their FAQ but he does seem to want to claim to be definitive. He's also somewhat disagreeing with Roger about the in-the-limit justification for using Roger's Lens Rentals figures cross-system. Roger's okay-ish with it but thinks it's not that exact (my summary of my discussions with him). I also read less into the Lens Rentals tests as they use uncorrected images, which will skew the figures upwards for m43 lenses that use distortion correction.

Do note Anders and I do agree on some things as well, we just have differing views on m43's place vs. the full-frame cameras and people should really just read what we say and make their own minds up (does anyone ever change their mind here, I don't know), although I am perhaps going to scale this back a bit as I suspect the casual readers are all long gone by now...

However I wouldn't worry about it that much as there are so many other aspects to consider in camera/lens buying. This forum does spend an awful lot of time with threads either proclaiming m43 as the one true format or arguing it isn't that good at all, which is not something I see much of elsewhere (you get the odd Canon vs. Nikon argument, but self-justification does seem to run at a much much lower rate.) I do get a bit unhappy with the lack of balance all this choosing sides and fighting for them gives to people looking for information, but I think only those who can critically read all replies to any questions they ask will prosper here. (This is also true of posting pics for a critique.)

Note I have bought a GH3 and the two f2.8 zooms in the last month to add to my existing m43 kit, so I'm not anti-m43 at all, I just think I have a bit more realistic view on how good it is than some posters. Other opinions are available, I'm happy with mine and haven't seen anything posted that troubles me about them (although I did go away and have a chat to Roger about interpreting his figures, to make sure I was in reasonable territory)...

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