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Dave Luttmann wrote:

My Nikon F5, along with all my film cameras from 110 to 4x5 all have had no need for continuous upgrades.  I know some will say DSLR users arent forced to upgrade.  Funny, I dont seem them all running around wirh their 3mp Canon D30 anymore. 

Likewise, film SLR owners weren't forced to upgrade their cameras yet most of them did, even though as has been said, the newer cameras would still use the same film that the older cameras would have used.

You've written off and on about how many, many decades you've been shooting. Could it be that your F5 is your first and only 35mm film SLR, or is it just the last of your film SLRs. My first was Nikon's F which was as basic as it gets, no AF, no metering. Several years later I upgraded to a Nikon F Photomic T which meant that I could then dispense with my Gossen and Sekonic light meters much of the time. Many years later I was shooting with yet another Nikon upgrade, this one being able to autofocus, use much more sophisticated matrix metering and other goodies. Yet the most recent, like your F5 still used the same film that the oldest Nikon F could have used.

So tell us (even if the upgrades weren't continuous), how many 35mm film cameras have you owned/used. You may not have upgraded them as often as you've upgraded your DSLRs, but there were probably very good reasons that you did upgrade them, reasons that wouldn't apply to film SLRs, none of which measure up to any of today's decent entry level DSLRs, not even your F5.

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