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Active wetlands lately! Raptors and migrators

Thanks Ed for posting the thread this week - I was busy this morning and didn't get the chance.

I was out shooting Friday and Saturday, and with the past month or so, we've been having a very active spring - I've been surprised at how many first-time sightings I'm getting, as well as good shots of some very elusive birds that I've struggled to get shots of in the past.

Here's the continuation of the past month - all of the below are from March 2013 down here in the wetlands of Florida - all shots A580 & Minolta 300mm F4 APO + APO II 1.4x TC:

This pretty duck is not a normal one - it appears to actually be a cross between a blue-winged teal and a cinnamon teal - I've spotted him a few weeks prior as well.

A closeup of the hybrid blue-winged/cinnamon teal

A parting shot of the American robin - a bird I got to see and shoot for the first time this year, and this was the last one I spotted before they moved on their migration north

A red-shouldered hawk swooping down on a snake on the ground

Another little missle caught in flight - a purple martin

A red-shouldered hawk, juvenile, sitting in a tree in strong backlight

He then took off, circled around, and did a very close fly-by pass over me

One of the spring migrants passing through - a pine warbler

Red-bellied woodpecker looking for some food

This masked little bandit is another spring migrator passing through - a prairie warbler

I can have 100 shots of them, and still take more every time I see them, just because they're so beautiful - a male painted bunting hanging out on a palm limb

Add this to the list of first-time sightings for me - a house wren

And one more look at the hyper-kinetic, never-stops-moving prairie warbler

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