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Re: Digital is cheaper than film by far. Check your cost per shot.

Lance B wrote:

The fact is, there are thousands of people who are heavily into photography simply because of the ease of getting superb results due to the fact it is digital and not film. They can also control the post processing wheras most would be at the mercy of the lab.

Sorry, digital is a no-brainer and much cheaper and easier than film ever was and the results are better, period.

That's what brought me back into photography was the DSLR. Shooting since the late 60ies with Nikon F1, Koni-Omegas, Mamiya C330, etc, lost interest in the 1980ies because I was at the mercy of the labs. When digital came out, I started back into photography with those small pocket cameras until Canon came out with the Digital Rebel, the first DSLR for under a grand. I will admit I've been through quite a bit of DSLRs, Digital Rebel, 20D, 30D, 5D, 1DMK2N, IDMK3, two D700, D3S, D800. Still have one D700, D3S and D800. Expensive, yes. Worth it, hands down yes for two reasons. My prior hobby was drinking myself to death. The last five years of drinking I was up to 5 cases of beer and smoked a carton of cigarettes each week. Going on 13 years of sobriety and cigarette free, and am now the volunteer event photographer for MS Delaware, American Cancer Society New Jersey, March of Dimes New Jersey, Free Masons of Pennsylvania, Special Olympics Salem New Jersey, and the sports photographer for Ambassador Christian Academy Glassboro New Jersey. I'm retired from over 38 years in nuclear power and my volunteer activities gives me something to look forward to and live for.

Yeah, digital is worth it. Ask Kodak.

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