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mosswings wrote:

To realize the 2 stop performance gains similar to that seen from the D80 to D90 transition, we will have to change bulk technology throughout the sensing chain - losing the Bayer CFA, etc.. And then we're up against the fundamental limit of photon noise.

I wouldn't worry about the photon noise.  Photon noise has very little of what we hate about noise; most of which is correlated in nature and geometric, due to camera electronics.  Photon noise has no banding, no clumping (except in rare chance events), and does not obscure near-blacks.  Black is black when you have only photon noise, with no global color shifts due to non-linearity of local means in deep shadows.

The Bayer CFA does lose a lot of light.  It loses about 75% of the green light, 91% of blue light, and 94% of red light in a sensor quoted as having 50% QE.  A sensor that could capture all wavelengths efficiently, and sort them into at least 3 bands, and rejecting IR would go a long way to reducing red and blue channel noise.

Between that and sensors that counted photons, with no thermal or read noise, we'd really have a revolution in technology.

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