Is professional photography dying out?

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Re: Is professional photography dying out?

Interesting thread. Lots of insights.

RhysM wrote:

Digital photography is cheap, even full frame cameras that are capable of producing stunning image quality are in financial reach of most people and with so many internet resources available to learn how to use the camera, people are able to grasp the basics and start shooting acceptable images very quickly.

I know this will upset the pro's but the harsh reality is an amateur with a £/$2000 setup can take photos 90% as good as a pro. This leads to "Uncle George" doing the wedding photos for all people on a tight budget, and all other family events.

I don't think sheer "image quality" or sheer capability of the equipment has ever been an issue. The camera is simply a recording device, a capture device. "Uncle George" can take photos just fine if he has a decent camera. And if the people who he's shooting for like Uncle George's photos, GREAT! That's a win for Uncle George and a win for them. If that's all they want from Uncle George, there's nothing wrong with that. But for those who feel that they're worth more, and desire a more polished product and final presentation, they'll find a way to look past Uncle George, as convenient as he might be. Why? Because he's usually shooting in a VFW or a fire hall!

Point being: If the clients can only pay to have their events in fire halls, VFWs, community centers, rec room lodges, and such, you can't get them to pay for a more expensive photographer! Why would you expect anything else? They can't afford a more expensive venue? There's nothing wrong with that if they can't afford it. If the bride isn't paying at least $75 per plate, (and that's being very conservative) she's not spending anything significant on a photographer. It's been my experience that the more a bride or organizer or whomever, pays for catering, the more they will budget for a photographer. Guys that are charging super low prices are the guys shooting in VFW, fire halls, rec room lodges, basements, and community centers. NOTHING wrong with that. Everyone has to start. The money is STILL money at the end of the day. A hustle is a hustle and you have to do what you you have to do. But who exactly are those guys taking business from? Those guys don't go to the showcase wedding and banquet venues anyway because they don't have insurance. Neither does Uncle George.

The days of having a photographer to small weddings, christenings, birthday parties, retirement parties, etc are pretty much dead and not a place to be starting a new venture.

I think you may really be correct on that. If guys were charging $2500 to shoot a wedding or a small retirement party, at a lodge, those days are long gone. And for a lot of guys, honestly, SHAME on them at those prices! Photogs doing that were riding a bubble. But some money can still be made doing small events, I believe. If you'd like to make an extra $100-$150 per month, just on the side, I think that's possible.

Interesting insights, still.

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