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Re: Don't waste your money -- drivers up to date?

Jim Cockfield wrote:

Have you updated all of your drivers?  See if your laptop manufacturer has any driver updates available in the downloads available for your model.   I've seen reports before that just doing something like updating the SATA drivers resulted in a big improvement in boot time.   Try both the Intel and Microsoft drivers and see which is faster in that area.

I do have much guidance by "Driver Identifier" to get the latest drivers. Comparing to several other tools I find this tool do find very accurately the most up-to-date drivers in the best way. A one year account only cost $ 15,- to directly download those latest drivers. If it is only for a few drivers, you also can manually download at vendors, that are listed as upgrade.

I fully agree with your advice. I don't think a new PC do get that much of a difference. (However Win8 boot up quickly in this regard). I can not imagine it is so important to boot-up in some more or less seconds. But if it is, better to use hibernation settings for most quick spin-up the system, than booting up from a powered off system. That is my work-around from my lap-top. Not closing down, but just in hibernate mode when closing the screen. For spin up again, putting the screen up, and pushing one key.

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