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zenpmd wrote:

Thanks for all your thoughts everyone.

One extra question, do the resolution scores on the site get affected by the sensor they are attached to, in particular number of mega pixels on the same sensor or are they directly comparable?

Also if the Pana scores higher than a Canon L then it will resolve more detail if both used on a 16m pixel camera even though its m43 vs apc-s?

Yes, the Photozone resolution figures are dependent not only on the sensor/camera used but also on the way Photozone processes the images. That's why there is a big sign on the main Photozone lens-review page saying the figures aren't comparable across systems/sensors.

If you want to make such comparisons, you should look at data from other sites, e.g., Lenstip or Lensrentals. In that case too, the figures are for a camera-lens combination rather than a lens only. But if you keep that in mind, comparisons are possible.

In the case of Lenstip, which reports resolution in line pairs per millimeter, you have to take sensor size into account when comparing. To compare FF with MFT, you need to multiply the FF figures by two or divide the MFT figures by two to make them comparable. If you are comparing APS-C with MFT, you need to multiply the APS-C figures by 1.28 or divide the MFT figures by the same number.

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