Reasons I should not buy a NEC Multisync PA241W-BK-SV

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Re: SV software only for NEC displays

Majikthize wrote:

ZoranC wrote:

Wayne Larmon wrote: I recently bought a PA241W-BK, SpectraView II by itself, and an i1 Display Pro retail, so that I can use the i1DP (and the software that came with it) to calibrate other monitors.

If I already have regular retail copy of i1 Display Pro and don't have NEC monitor would I get any benefit from getting SpectraView II software?

No, the SpectraView software only calibrates NEC's pro-oriented displays. This is why people who own both an NEC PA display and a laptop or another brand of display are interested in getting the Xrite i1DP - because it can work with the SV software on the NEC display and can be used with the included Xrite software with other displays.

Thank you!

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