R3000 ink levels display

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Re: R3000 ink levels display

Just a thought.  It may be mostly for newer models (dunno), but seems Epson - maybe others - have new bag of tricks.  Been reported that after software updates - perhaps mainly firmware - prtrs no longer recognized non OEM carts, of any kind. http://www.nifty-stuff.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=7415

I just bought / installed Epson WF 3540.  Used wireless connection.  Soon as install finished, W/O WARNING OR ASKING, it said "was checking for firmware updates."  If I'd known possible implications, could've pulled power cord.  Was no "Stop," "Cancel" buttons - nothing.  It finished in well under 1 min.

Don't know yet if it's not going to recognize compatibles or refillables.  Don't have any & sure not going to invest in refill kit until find out more.

Deal is, if set up wireless conn., & enter router PW during setup, it can dial out as it wants.  If use ethernet or USB method, can disconn internet during install & then set software to "never check updates."  Even create FW rules not to let Epson access web.

Some report other mfgs may be doing same thing - so beware.

I've yet to find more recent updates on this issue - don't know if solution has been found.

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