Lens correction for Raw files possible?

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Barry Pearson
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Re: Lens correction for Raw files possible?

Marc Sabatella wrote:

Sunds to me loke you are confused about what RAW actually is.  Of course adjustments made by LR to a RAW file are not retained whe looking at the file in other programs - if the image were modified in any whatsover by LR, it wouldn't be RAW any more.  If the image data is changed in any way by any program, it is no longer RAW.  Which is to say, RAW isn't just a file format you can store any old data you want in - it is quite literally the raw data from the camera.

People need to distinguish between changing the raw image data and changing the raw file holding that data.

In principle it would be possible to edit the file in Lightroom, have Lightroom store the edits as metadata in the raw file, and then for another program to read the raw file and those edits and apply some or all of those edits.

The reason this normally doesn't happen is that the stored edits refer to controls in Lightroom, and other programs don't have the same controls and so can't understand and apply them. (Other Adobe programs can typically understand and apply them, of course). And Lightroom only stores such metadata in DNG raw files.

One edit that is pretty common is "crop", and it would probably be easy for other programs to understand and apply Lightroom's crops. (Or vice versa). It would be possible in principle to identify a basic set of editing metadata that several programs would adopt, but the range would be so limited that it wouldn't be worth it. ("Monochrome" might be another control).

DNG has lots more published metadata than any other raw file format, and now that includes lens-correction metadata. So it would be easier when using DNG as the raw file format for a program to add lens correction metadata and for this to be understood applied by other programs later.

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