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Wateraddict wrote:

What type of off camera flash are some of you using for the K5 ? Was just reading a few books of Scott Kelby's and he talks a bit about sync the camera to an off camera flash . I would imagine this is probably possible on the K5 . Just wondering what a good starter flash would be or what would be recomended by some of you ?

You'll get recommendations about third party flash guns: I'l leave that to others.  Of the Pentax units the AF-540 FGZ is much the best although it's relatively expensive.  Whatever brand you buy, I strongly recommend that you get one with a swivel head: it's really frustrating if you can't point your flash gun where you want it.

If you've been readingKelby, do you know of David Hobby?  His website is a store of useful information about flash

You can sync from your K-5 either by using a sync lead, wireless triggers, light triggers or the inbuilt wireless flash system.  The inbuilt system has the big advantage that it's free but (a) its range is limited to about 4m to the off-camera flash gun and (b) it might not work with some third party guns.

Light triggers are (in my experience) a pain but might be worth trying if you want more range at low cost.  After that there are plenty of options but at some sort of cost.

For what I do the inbuilt system works fine.  It uses the onboard flash to trigger the other(s) and you can't turn its output down to zero (as you can with, say, Nikon).  What I do is mount a home-made diffuser on the front of the lens: this reduces or removes harsh shadows if I keep some output from the onboasrd or acts as a handy holder for a bit of black card if I want to cut it out (the light still triggers the remote unit(s)).

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