A result of negative user feedback for Windows 8?

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Re: no, it's not, and I'm sick of saying it

Scott Eaton wrote:

You get forced into the Metro interface for all kinds of things including clicking on media files, mailto links, and other common tasks. The Metro wizards are also very difficult to get out of,

Strange, I never come into Metro screen if I don't choose it myself.
Maybe also has to do that I don't support Microsoft applications for years than only needed.
- Internet browser ---> Firefox
- mail ---> Thunderbird
- image viewers, just the old fashioned third party, no Metro programs
- Firewall ---> Comodo
- PDF reader ---> Adobe
The only real Microsoft software outside the OS itself what I do use is Microsoft Word + Excel (2010 version).

When I installed Win8, all kinds of external control I de-activated.
No cloud, no account and all that stuff.

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