Photoshop upgrade no longer possible

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Marty4650 wrote:

I realize that upgrades are still available. But Adobe has chosen to bury this option and promote subscription service instead.

By requiring a MUCH higher upgrade price for being "more than one generation behind" (and this means ONE YEAR behind, since they update Photoshop annually now), Adobe is actively trying to promote their subscription service.

Imagine if you couldn't buy a 2013 car at a reasonable price unless you traded in the 2012 version of the same car! If you wanted to trade in your 2011 model, then the new car would cost twice as much!

In a very competitive market, severely penalizing customers for skipping an upgrade comes with a risk.

Whether this is a good marketing plan is something we have yet to see. Their customers will decide if this provides enough value for them to justify the much higher cost involved. I suspect they won't like it, as the replies to this thread suggest.

In the end, this will either work out well for Adobe, or it will work out poorly.

My own feeling is that in order to work out well then it must represent a good deal for both them and their customers. Right now, it looks like a great deal for Adobe.... and a poor deal for me.

Marty, I so seldom agree with you. But here I agree 100 %.

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