Why Exposing to the Right (ETTR) is BAD!

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you ARE the beginneer

You been around for a whole year and now your writing articles blasting decades of knowledge, and posting them in multiple forums?

You're blowing the highlights because of a lack of experience. An experienced user can ETTR and keep the highlights. Same with your flash exposure problem. It's really not that hard. Those are learning issues on your side.

What you are doing is shooting under benign conditions (studio, portrait, product), probably with a low ISO, and exposing conservatively to make sure you are save the highlights. Nothing really wrong with that, it's a good all around, 1st step approach.

However, that doesn't mean ETTR is wrong. It's more of an advanced skill after you master the basics. It allows you to shoot in more difficult circumstances. Shooting at high ISO for example, and keeping the noise done. Shooting wide dynamic range. Getting the post image quality for post processing.

First step is to get rid of the "get in right in the camera" mentality. That's a meaningless phrase. The camera doesn't know what you want.

Listen. I'm sure you mean well. You tried ETTR, didn't work for you, you got frustrated and wrote an article. But the article only applies to your learning experience at your point in your career.

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