A result of negative user feedback for Windows 8?

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Re: It is the only and fair game to customer

Skyglider, you indirectly support my frustration with Windows 8. You say all you have to do is the six different things below once you spend thousands of dollars on a computer to make it work like Windows 7 used to.

  • Install the free Classic Shell.
  • Set Classic Shell to boot directly into the desktop.
  • Set Classic Shell to disable active corners. (to stop Win8 popups)
  • Don't run any Win8 apps at all. (since they will pop you back to Win8's UI)
  • Install apps designed for Win7 and below and use them.
  • replace Win8's wireless driver with the Dell wireless driver to get full speed.

Too bad I can't just buy a Windows 7 machine and skip all the hassle.

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