Are Macs better than PCs for photography work? If so, why?

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Re: Are Macs better than PCs for photography work? If so, why?

My experience with Macs, unfortunately, is just the opposite. Macs are not as bullet proof as the myths seem to indicate. My 4-year-old iMac has been in the shop three times for a new logic board and for a new hard drive. Then it started having intermittent issues where the screen went completely grey with corduroy stripes. The Apple Store techs could not solve it. Two levels of tech support at Apple couldn't either; their solution every time was to reload the operating system. This would work for a month or so, then the problem would come back. It kept having problems after AppleCare expired, so I'm now dealing with it on my own. My son-in-law bought an iMac and it needed a new hard drive within months of my failure. My daughter had to have her Macbook replaced by Apple after many tries to fix it failed. She and I had AppleCare which covered all our costs. My son-in-law paid more to fix his computer than AppleCare would have cost. So Apple is batting .000 for my family. Get Apple Care if you decide to go with a Mac!

Reliability problems aside (and the frustration with wasting days troubleshooting and/or with the computer in the shop), having come from years of Windows use, the Mac has been a nice experience.  But given that I've had so much trouble with Macs, I will seriously be looking at PCs when I get annoyed enough with my iMac to throw it out the window.

Another consideration: do your photo peers use Macs or PCs?  You are better off getting a computer that your friends use so you can collaborate on issues and learning.

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