How much is expensive lens for you??

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Re: $200.00....

I agree, now that I'm retired and on SS. But in my employment/Nikon days, expensive for me was > $1,600 for a lens and $5,000 for a body (lived with the D2x from 2005 to last year). Although now > $200 is expensive for me, I've been a serious amateur photographer for 46 years, and so even now I occasionally dip into a meager retirement fund to buy an expensive MFT lens.

I sold my entire Nikon kit nine months ago in favor of MFT and the E-M5 mainly in mercy to my sore back, and bought several expensive lenses from the funds I got from that: the 7-14mm Panny, the 25mm f/1.4 Panny, and the 60mm Olympus macro. Then on January 31 of this year, I planned to dip into the retirement fund and ordered the new Olympus 75-300 II, and even added the lens hood. However, I think they somehow lost my order because others are getting theirs now and I still haven't heard a word and I was one of the earliest to put in my reserve.

This week, I'll see if my local dealer has one in stock, and if so, I'm cancelling out on Olympus and going with them (Pro Photo Supply in Portland, OR). After that, I can't see getting another expensive lens, unless Olympus comes out with a weather-sealed 12-40mm f/2.8 for < $1,000. That would be the last splurge on photography that I would do in my life. The rest of the savings will be reserved for dental work and car repair.

Now that you know the story of my life...I'll stop.

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