Photoshop upgrade no longer possible

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Re: Photoshop upgrade no longer possible

jasomill wrote:

David Hull wrote:
Get used to it, this is the way it is going. As I pointed out above this is the standard methodology for companies that produce software tools. The concept is good, the problem is the price. 
Regardless, I think we are going to see a lot more of this, the EDA tool companies (and many others) have already shown it to be a workable model.

In contrast to Adobe CS, I don't imagine hobbyists and self-employed professionals making up a large market for EDA tools. Businesses often prefer recurring expenses in cases where individuals would not.

I suspect that Businesses are the target market for these new adobe plans as well.  I can’t imagine too many hobbyists having enough need for Photoshop to shell out 360/yr (although some might).  However, based on nothing more than some of the comments in this thread, it should be pretty obvious that a business model of that depends on periodic upgrades does not work for mature products such as MS Office, Photoshop etc. since eventually people stop buying the upgrades.  After all, what more can they add to get your money and yet the product still has value and a huge user base which still expects the product to be there with its support infrastructure etc.  Most other industries have adopted a yearly maintenance and license fee model in cases like this which has been proven to work.  How they skin the cat for the individual user, I don’t know but I’m not too worried since I doubt that Adobe will leave that money on the table for Corel and others to pick up.

This is the case with EDA tools BTW, hobbiests don't own MatLab for example, but many fiddle with SciLab which is free.  There is a similar case for just about every tool out there.

As for pricing, Microsoft's is in many ways worse: what was once a $150 (street) "single-user/two-PC" Office license has now become a $150/year subscription or two $189 (MSRP = street, apparently) "single PC" licenses. At least Adobe has maintained pricing and licensing terms for non-Creative Cloud customers.

I saw Office 365 (5 seat 1 year license) for $100 hanging on the rack right next to the traditional one time (2 seat) license at $140. I think that pricing level would make a lot more sense for Photoshop alone. Hopefully Adobe will keep the $200 upgrade for a while now that they have essentially forced you to do it each time. My question is still, what I get for my $360/year that I don't get for the $200 every 18 months traditional upgrade route?  It seems to me that for all that extra money they should be able to give better support, etc. to those customers.  Maybe the traditional upgrade path gets not as much?

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