Should I trade 28/2.8+50/1.4+35-80/2.8 for 28-70/2.8?

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Re: 28-70???


Actually I already have the 80-200 2.8 (not the AFS one, it's got a few years on it)

Actually here is a full list of my lenses:

28 2.8
50 1.4
35-70 2.8
105 2.8 Micro (may possibly get used the most)
80-200 2.8

tc-201 teleconverter (wish I had all AFS lenses so that I could use the AF converter)

500 f8 mirror

It (definitely for my needs) seems like a great set of lenses. The main thing I was looking for is versatility (3 lenses VS 1). Honestly I'm getting a little scared by all the postings on how difficult it is to clean the CCD. Just not sure if I'm willing to sacrifice the image quality (assuming I can take advantage of it) and I'm still at an argument with myself on whether I really want to shoot with a 2lbs lens most of the time.

Haven't even gotten a DSLR yet (have N90s)... All of my digital shots were done using Coolpix 990, macro mostly ( ).

Looks like I'll be keeping mine for a while longer, kind of curious to see what Nikon is coming out with next both camera and lens wise...

Thanks a lot!!

P.S. your "D100 with 28-70 2.8 AF-S" really put the size of the lens in perspective for me... Also I was wondering if you know on where I can get my hands on the lens mount for the 80-200 (mine was a version earlier then yours and didn't come with a hood or a mount...). Couldn't find it in a couple of stores I went to...

GenoP...! wrote:
By the way I just reviewed the lenses you have. I would keep the
28 2.8 and the 50 1.4. I would trade the 35-80 2.8 for a 80-200
2.8 (2-touch). They are valued about the same on eBay.


Only my opinion.

GenoP...! wrote:
For your purpose you might want to consider the 28-85 3.5-4.5 AFS
G. Don't get me wrong. I own and love the 28-70 2.8, however I
also own the 17-35, 50 1.4, and have the 85 1.4 on order.
Depending on what I am doing I will bring different lenses. But if
I was hiking, I would not want to carry a 2lb. lens. The 24-85 will
give you more reach in both directions, weighs 1/4 the 28-70, and
will cost you significantly less. You can get the 24-85
$359.95-$50.00 rebate = $309.95 @B&H. If I was to carry a heavy
lens it would be the 70-200 2.8 AFS VR or the 80-200 2.8 D ED.
You can catch all the little critters you may find along the way.
If I was to spend more big bucks I would get the 17-35.

Out of the 17-35, 28-70, 80-200, the 28-70 would be and was the
last I would purchase. A great combo is the 17-35, 80-200 alone
and keep the 50 1.4 in the middle. I can keep the 3 lenses, an
SX-80, and the D100 in a small Nova 4 lowepro bag and cover 90% of
anything I may come across.

Hope this helps.

Igor D wrote:

I was wondering if there is a site that has good, preferably
non-opinion based comparison/review?

As far as going to the store, I'm afraid I will only be able to
judge the initial feel of it and probably won't find out 'till
later if I've made the right choice (image quality wise)

Dan Wajnman wrote:
If you shoot any architecture at all youd'd better keep the 28/2.8.
It's almost distortion - free. The best of zooms will give barrel
distortion at wide angle.


Raul wrote:
I would do it Igor.

The 28-70 will provide excellent quality and give you a matching
quality to the lenses you name (unless you go for huge blowups);
one thing you will not have and that is the bokeh of the 50mm.

You will have to get used to the size and weight.

Why don't you go to a store and test it.



Igor D wrote:

I've been reading some comments (mostly here and on on how great the 28-70/2.8 is.

It seems to me that if it is just as good as the other 3 combined,
not taking into account price and weight, wouldn't it be a trade up?

Also, and maybe I haven't searched enough, I can't get a clear
answer on whether image quality is comparable or better to the
combination of those 3?

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