How much is expensive lens for you??

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danijel973 wrote:

Well, it's all a matter of proper context, I guess. Some people keep changing systems and losing money at resale of their equipment, which is rather wasteful. Others, like myself, tend to keep the same equipment for quite a long time, thus getting the maximum value out of it. I bought my 5d and lenses almost seven years ago and everything still serves me well, except the batteries which I had to change after five years of use.

So basically if you stretch your investment into a period of seven years, it doesn't end up being much. But if you acquire new stuff all the time you have to be much wealthier than myself. For me, it's a matter of purchasing wisely when I have enough money, and keeping the good stuff for as long as it lasts.

That's very true. I've seen so many people in the bridge- and point-shoot camera forums talk about how expensive it is to use (say) a DSLR, and then every 6 to 9 months they go out and buy the latest incremental upgrade of their camera. I've got less money in my system than many of them have in two or three camera purchases - and I'm far better off.

Most of us aren't really using the equipment we already have to its capacity. If I could afford to buy a few expensive lenses, I probably would - but I doubt it would make a huge difference in my shooting very often.

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