Are Macs better than PCs for photography work? If so, why?

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I switched to an iMac three years ago and have never regretted it

Having used PCs for many years (mainly because I needed compatibility with colleagues who used mainly PCs), I switched to an iMac just over 3 years ago (I do not need compatibility with colleagues since I retired).

It is quite complicated to do a full comparison as there are many pros and cons both ways, but I feel the balance of advantage for photo processing lies with the Macs. The comparison is complicated by the fact that each new version of Mac OS X adds new features, but each new version of Windows also adds new features, and I can't claim to be fully up-to-date with Windows since I have stopped using it.

The advantages of Macs as I see it:

Mac OS X is better put together than Windows and the different parts work together more coherently than Windows.

OS X also seems to know a lot more about image files within the OS itself - many little things: like the OS knows how to decode most raw formats and show you a thumbnail of the image whenever you open a folder.

You can also change the size of thumbnails very easily up to 512 x 512 pixels, which is large enough to be really useful when scanning images.

Also one click of the mouse will expand the thumbnail to full size (without having to open a new program to view the image).

When I last used Windows it did none of these things, but I haven't used the latest version.

I think it just feels much easier working with images in Mac OS than it ever did in Windows.

Of course, there are some downsides - such as the hardware tends to be expensive, and there is more third party software available for PCs than for Macs (but nearly all the well-known image processing programs are equally available on Macs and PCs).

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