when to change ink cartridge?

Started Mar 30, 2013 | Discussions thread
RedFox88 Forum Pro • Posts: 28,164
don't take out, shake up, then re-insert a cartridge, ever!

Craig wrote:

I know this is probably a stupid question but on ly R2000 I just got a light on my cyan ink cart. and took it out and gave it a little shake. There was still quite a bit of ink left in it.

It's a warning light, similar to a "low gas" light on your car.  I ignore it until the cartridge tells the printer it is dead, even though it really isn't empty.

You should not do what you did, because it wastes ink.  There is no need to shake up a cartridge, that only adds air to the volume of ink.  And by taking it out and re-inserting it, your printer likely went through an "ink charging" cycle for all ink tanks which dumps 3 to 5% of the ink out of every ink tank.

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