what are you shooting at 300-400mm ?

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Re: what are you shooting at 300-400mm ?

jubilatu wrote:

I am analysing the possibility of buying a 300mm f/4 for sport (not much till now), concerts (a few times per year) and portraiture (which i did at 85-105mm till now) . Wildlife, insects & stuff are not my interest for the moment.  I was looking at flickriver for lens having these focals, but your direct answers would be more helpful.

So, I am just curious what are you shooting at these focals in order to understand if i will use the lens (my first over the 105mm barier) or i just let it to cath dust.

I love 300mm and long telephotos for a lot of various purposes. I'm an avid Bird shooter and use the 300 f/2.8 with or without a 1.4 or 1.7 converter. I also use a fairly old manual focus 500 f/4 for the same thing, but prefer the 300 with converter for size.

I also use either a Sigma 150 f/2.8 or that Nikon 300 f/2.8 for professional portraiture outside quite a bit. I like the flattering perspective I get and compressed OOF backgrounds. At the seashore, I even like the 500mm for certain portaits with a lot of negative space. I really like the compression they can give for certain moods.

I use the 300 f/2.8, the Sigma 150 f/2.8 and a Nikon 80-200 f/2.8 for children's Little League Baseball games. I earn a little extra cash this way and sometimes my company lends my services to the two teams we sponsor. They all come in very handy. Again, I've shot this at 500mm on occasion too, but it would be a second body on a tripod from the far side lines. I can get a unique perspective that way. Sometimes the lefthanders require it.

There are just so many uses for longer glass I can't imagine anyone not finding them pretty much required in a well rounded kit. Good ones just cost a lot. Fortunately, Nikon's 300 f/4 AFS is pretty inexpensive and has stellar quality if you do your part.

One of my granddaughters taken with 300 f/2.8 and 1.7 converter for a 500 f/4.8 and a good distance. I like this compressed look. Just my taste. Your mileage may vary.

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Cheers, Craig
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