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Re: S6500 Soft and PP

6500 a true classic   yes a bit like the sony h2  you just know you can  rely on it

The other biggie with the 6500 is the lens is WYSIWYG - there`s no hidden heavy distortion or Red/Cyan CA being corrected in the background like there is with later cams so no messing with colours to correct CA or weird stretchy edges to fix barrel Dist........ It has a depth which is missing from the pinhead sensor Fujis . it takes a 16mp upsize from one of these old cams to give a reality check on how things have moved backwards a far as the basic image is concerned with convoluted sensor designs and extreme pixel packing .... HTC go on about "Ultrapixel" (see DPR`s Yucky samples from the thing) - the 6500 I guess falls into that category nicely, though without the awful image quality  - LOL

And Yeah - the H2 and H5 were Sonys last really good megazooms

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