First Week w/ 6D....from 5D Mk II

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Re: First Week w/ 6D....from 5D Mk II

Just another Canon shooter wrote:

roustabout66 wrote:

PeterY wrote:

Yes I use DPP and CS2 but I know what I see. I know I couldn't have gotten this with a single shot with my 5DM2. The sky and the shadow details:

I am constantly amazed at people who take DXO's numbers as undisputed truth. I tend to believe people who have actually used the cameras in similar circumstances.

In this case, I will take DXO's numbers any day.

Let me know when you want to trade an 80 megapixel PhaseOne IQ 180 for a 24 megapixel Nikon D600. The D600 has a better DXO score so it MUST be better, but I would be happy to struggle with the inferior PhaseOne.

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