Is an ultrawide DPM possible?

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Re: personal preference versus facts

Harold66 wrote:


well, you are wrong here. I can disagree with your FACTS as much as i want, no matter how many caps you use, actually...

OK. Let's talk facts. So, are you quoting statistics? Post a link please so I can check them out. Plus, define wide angle. Prime? Zoom? Define semi professional / professional lenses. Which professionals? Etc.

Ok this one is easy . Just take a look at the pro lenses in Nikon Canon , catalog .Look at how many 24mm you have and now compare with 21mm.  This is even true of mirorless cameras ( arguably a market that sigma would look at for a new focal length for the DPM). there is 24mm FOV for olympus , for Sony . I do not know of ANY 21mm FOV in the mirorless market

These are FACTS... oopps sorry make that facts ... and this is easily verified by anyone here on the forum who can spend  5 minutes on any photo store website

Hmm, no.

Zooms. Check all the WA zooms, from all manufacturers, and then come back to me. Both DSLR and m4/3. ALL of them go wider than 24mm. Normal zooms start either from 24 or 28mm. Tele zooms from 70-80 mm. Fact.

Primes: it is clear than today's major manufacturers' trend is towards zoom and not primes in WA; so Nikon and Canon tend to stop at 24mm with their primes. But then again, have you heard about Zeiss, for FF cameras?






Or Leica?


21mm (one f3.4, one f1.4, even)

So, in zooms your FACTS or facts, as you prefer, are most definitely completely off. In primes, they are true for major manufacturers just because they choose to go the zoom way for WA; but your facts are very wrong, again, for high-level niche manufacturer, such as Zeiss and Leica, which both definitely DO support wider-than-24 mm with enthusiasm. As should Sigma, as I said before.

Back to my opinions. I can state without doubt, for instance, that a wider lens than 24mm has a prominent place in the bag of nearly all Landscape photographers I know. All architectural photographers would be dead in the water if they had to limit themselves to 24mm. For instance, Nikon-based architectural photographers have been envying Canon's 17mm T-S forever; some even buys a Canon body just to use that lens.

Part of what you say is correct but it does not change my point  it is true that architecture photographers would need very wide lenses but in most cases they would choose a shift lens so in this case the sigma dp cannot really address this target market

All I say is correct, unless you point which part isn't You are wrong when you say that "in most cases they would choose a shift lens", because - well, because there aren't. So, Sigma could get a slice of the pie here: for instance, I am a Nikon user and use my 14-24 for both landscape and architectural work. A DPW 21mm (or better yet, 18mm) would be a god send for me. 18mm Merrill? You kidding? I'd jump on it if sharpness in the corners were acceptable at f5.6/f8. And like me, many many more...

You also contradict yourself when you say "as for the so-called gap, the difference in the field between a 24 and a 28mm is a big one , enough so that the 28mm has fallen out of favors". If the gap were so big as you say, the 28mm wouldn't have fallen out of favour: there is always a place for very different focal length lenses in a serious photographers bag

No not necessarily no. Most photographers  prefer to choose the lens they really need

Agreed, but you didn't answer me. You DID contradict yourself, whether photographer choose what they need or not.

.So please, let's keep this as it is: your opinion against mine.

Nope that is not it

Indeed it is.

Again, since Sigma has already a 28mm FOV equivalent Merrill, and seeing the target a wide(r) Merrill would target, it would make much more sense for Sigma to make it 21mm or even better 18mm FOV equivalent. This is my opinion of course, I never said otherwise. You have the right to disagree, but I'd rather not talk about FACTS...

yes I think your opinion is clear , but the facts still speak for themselves

Indeed they do. Unfortunately, not the way you hear them speak though




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