Maybe it' my aging eyes, but.......

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Re: Maybe it' my aging eyes, but.......

Danel wrote:

Once DSLRs hit 6mp, or maybe even before, the cameras became capable of taking outstanding photos.  Since then, the cameras have gotten marginally better with each release.  Head on over to Imaging Resource and take a gander at their compare-o-meter.  Pixel peep for a while at 100% with the D300s on one side and the D7000 on the other at lower ISOs.  If you don't see the difference in detail and sharpness I suggest you visit your eye doctor for a new refraction.

We can see RAW instead of JPG files here. These are from the front part of the scene and the back part so no claims of focusing error involved. To my aging eyes except for the fact that more pixels produce larger images (hardly surprising) there is not a large difference in apparent sharpness. In fact, throw in 24 megapixels and it appears to me that to get a SIGNIFICANT increase in apparent sharpness you need to look at the NEX 7.

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