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flbrit wrote:

RedFox88 wrote:

Carl Maiorino wrote:

...and that is where Thom Hogan's premise is wrong.  The cameras don't have a self-destruct mechanism that goes off on a certain date.

But unlike with film, you cannot get any improvement in image sensor quality without buying a whole new camera unlike buying different and/or update film for $8 a roll.  Compare that to $3000 for a 35mm dSLR, which is the equivelant to film SLRs.

Film chemistry was not so quick to upgrade its quality. It took years to improve ISO performance and it never reached the iso 6400 quality of todays digital, and beyond,  in 50 years. Digital has gone right by that in less than 10 years.

But again, you need to buy a whole new camera in order to get any improvement.  How many people are still using 10 year old dSLRs now?  Meanwhile I can use a 30 year old K1000 with the latest film and get the same results as someone with a newly manufacturered film camera.

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