Best adapter for Contax G lenses

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Re: Best adapter for Contax G lenses

Annex wrote:

The Chinese fake Kipons are FAR rougher from my experience than the real kipons. I have 3 adapters for my contax gs (and the AF one to come too):

Fake Kipon - Very rough feeling and not that fun to use. Does focus infinity though and a good place to start as v cheap.

Real Kipon - Nice and smooth but ring is a little uncomfortable, pretty expensive

Metabones - Very smooth and make the lens feel like a "normal MF" lens. Very bulky though and not ideal for pocketing, also very expensive.

The AF one looks to be an ideal compromise assuming the MF works ok as it's pretty small, has AF/MF and looks solid build quality.

Personally I'd wait to see what people say when these start landing before investing in a real Kipon or Metabones.

I agree that the real Kipon has a smooth focusing ring. But I found that mine has some play at the adapter/body interface. My Fotodiox does not have that play. I don't have any experience with the Metabones. The focusing ring just looked way to big.

As far as cost, my Kipon was $132.00 and the Fotodiox was $80.00. I think the Metabones is at the Kipon level.

Personally I am not interested in the AF unit. The chart with the AF times at different apertures does not look too good.

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