Best adapter for Contax G lenses

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Re: Best adapter for Contax G lenses

Astrophotographer 10 wrote:

Thanks Joachim. I read your other posts before and they are very informative - thanks.

Why do you need several Fotodiox adapters Are they hard to remove from the lens or do you want to have an adapter on each lens?

I took some more shots this morning with the Contax g 90mm Sonnar and it is an exquisite lens. I love the colours, Very rich. It is also very very sharp and 10X magnification is really needed to get it just right.

This lens adapter didn't seem too bad this morning. Perhaps I am just getting used to it. Luckily its not that notchy in the most used part of the manual focus.

I plan on getting the 45 and 28 now as I like this type of rendition and may end up being a Zeiss fan for my other cameras.

With the 28mm though, I know its less than half the price of the Zeiss 24mm F1.8 but I am wondering if it would be better to get that for the widefield and the 45mm Contax G as that gets rave review. That way I also get AF on the Zeiss 24. Is it worth the extra $700?


Hi Greg,

I like to have one adapter for each lens. I feel this reduces the danger of dropping a lens during a change in the field and has the added advantage that all rear lens caps are the same. That way I don't have to carry the "native" rear lens caps. the 90mm and 45mm have the same cap, but the 28mm cap is deeper.

For the wider than 28mm I use a Voigtlaender Color Skopar 4/21. I know the 24mm Zeiss is a nice lens to have, but I have not been able to convince me to spend $1,000 on that lens. AF is not that important on a wide angle lens. The Skopar is easy to zone focus. You set it at f8, for instance, and everything between 0.9m and infinity is in focus. I posted a series of photos from the Toronto Auto Show with that lens. I believe if you search for Voigtlaender Color Skopar you should find that thread.

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