Resolution of M43 lenses

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Re: I disagree

I do agree with you, and added a like, but will say that if the trade-off for the distortion correction is some other attributes that are much better than you would expect but would be very hard to fix in software then it's perhaps not so bad a trade-off, e.g. better flare resistance (err, doesn't seem to do that) or better out-of-focus rendering (I like the 35-100, early days with the 12-35), or less vignetting (no) or less residual spherical aberration (probably not so important with m43 and f2.8) or ...

I have no idea which of these qualities it might have, it may well just be priced to match their production capability to demand. Simply pointing it out as another thing to consider.

(I have both the f2.8 zooms and they are okay if a little over-priced in my view, the latest Canon equivalents are a lot better, especially wide open, but a lot more money, size and weight. Horses for courses I guess.)

P.S. (edit) my GH3 doesn't do a great job correcting the 12-35 and leaves quite a lot of distortion in the JPEGs at the wide end, DXO does a much better job so perhaps I should see what gets thrown away to pay for that. (Actually I don't care, I prefer right-angle corners on rectangles, not triangles sticking out.)

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