Who's going from m4/3 to dSLR or vice versa.

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Re: Who's going from m4/3 to dSLR or vice versa.

I got tired of lugging the 5d2 and experimented with the Nex7 (hated tri-navi and the Sony menu's), GH2 (good video, everything else was a mess) and EM5 (awesome, but small buttons and the menus are a disaster) and eventually migrated back to a 5d3 because of f/2.8 zooms (shallower DOF than M43 equivalents), better AF for indoor/low light event coverage and shallower DOF stuff - but especially with f1.4/1.2 lenses.  There are qualities with my shooting style that m43 can't replicate without stitching - and in some situations that's just not possible.  I do like the video out of the Nex cameras so I picked up a cheap Nex5n and some lens adapters to use as a B camera on video shoots, but it still has Sony's dreadful controls.

To alleviate the crappy control issue (for me) and to have something much easier to carry everywhere I picked up a Fuji Xpro1.  Its almost (for me) the ultimate mirrorless solution.  It's a great second cam IQ-wise to the 5d3 and the controls/menus are better than any camera I've used.  Shooting is so intuitive and it only took one afternoon of shooting before everything became second nature.  As a bonus, IQ and noise is better than any other APS-c or m43 camera.  Looking forward to the rest of Fuji's lens roadmap to play out this year along with a Xpro1 revision to the new X-trans2 that's in the X100s.

I have toyed with the idea of a GH3 for video a couple the Fuji's for stills at some point, but low light focusing for indoor paid shoots just can't cut it for me.  Sadly the 5d3 must remain, for now...

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