Digital Photography and White Balance / X-Rite "Passport".

Started Mar 30, 2013 | Questions thread
hwg Contributing Member • Posts: 552
Re: Digital Photography and White Balance / X-Rite "Passport".

I read somewhere, on the internet - oh dear!!!

that while a white card is ok BUT...  you had to be careful with what you used as some things look white but in actual fact do not reflect all frequencies of light in the same way.

the bleaching used in whit paper actually reflects more blue than it does any other colour.

i don't say that the above is 100% true but i do err on the safe side and use a grey card for my custome white balance.

although as i shoot raw most of the time post processing is the low pressure time i use to get it correct.

i thought the passport had a grey card in it.

i am thinking of geting one for custome colour profiles.

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