Is an ultrawide DPM possible?

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Re: Is an ultrawide DPM possible?

Harold66 wrote:

travelinbri_74 wrote:

Actually, I think they should go for 21-24 equiv (so a 14 or 16 lens), and keep it 2.8.  The trick would be getting it as sharp from corner to corner as the DP2M, as I think the reason people have shied away from the DP1M is because it is not given the same stellar lens reviews as that of the DP2M.  I would be interested in a DPWM, DP2M, and DP3M combo (all combined to cost as much as 1 RX1).

More interesting yet would be a truly excellent mirrorless interchangeable with the same lenses.


Yes  a 2.8/16mm with better results than the dp1m would obviously be the most popular combination as 24mm is the most wide angle FL sold these days by most manufacturers


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Well, I'll have to disagree completely with this one. With the DP1M being 28mm FOV equivalent on one side, and with a big part of the target of such a WA Merrill being landscape photographers, I'd say that 21mm FOV equivalent is the minimum acceptable. I am pretty sure Sigma wouldn't do a 24mm FOV equivalent anyway, there is not enough focal length spacing between today's DP1M and the new 24mm FOV equivalent Merrill to make sense for them as their line-up is concerned: in 135mm terms, having 28, 45, 75 and... 24? Not likely. Make it 21mm minimum, with 18mm even better: so you get a (18) 21, 28, 45, 75 lineup which covers nicely all focals except for long tele.

I for one would buy a 18mm-21mm DPW Merrill in a sec, but wouldn't buy a 24mm at all.



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