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Re: Dov, Louis, and "Leica Forum" friends....

Prosophos wrote:

For what it's worth — and as one of the forum "regulars" —  I fully support postings of the sort of images/content we are privileged to see from Dov and other individuals.  Louis is correct, this has never been an issue for those of us who have been long-standing members of this wonderful community.

Unfortunately, I have less time these days to post and comment here (spending much of my free time on my personal blog), but I still participate here when I can and I would hate to see the spirit of this place compromised...


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Peter | Prosophos

I agree wholeheartedly with you, Peter.

Not to be offensive to anyone, but I'm puzzled - what problem are we trying to solve?  It's not like the forum is inundated with "non-Leica" images (whatever that means).   The spirit of the forum has always been inclusive and if that is to change, that should be driven only if there is a larger problem to be solved.  I, like Louis, find it interesting that many of the folks pushing for change are folks who haven't contributed to the community - these individuals pop up when threads like this one surface and have strong opinions on how this community should be governedwithoutbeing a part of the community!  It's like going to someone's home for dinner and rearranging their furniture because the it's not to ones liking.

Dov, Daniel, as far as I am concerned, you guys not posting images here lessens the forum.   I too do not have much time for the forum anymore but do pop in from time to time and enjoy the photographs posted here.   I don't see any reason to enact draconian policy changes.  And I haven't seen any logically defensible arguments on why there should be change to solve a non-existent problem.



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'Change is not Mandatory, you don't have to Survive...'

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