Reasons I should not buy a NEC Multisync PA241W-BK-SV

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Wayne Larmon Veteran Member • Posts: 9,412
Sorry, not a DTP-94

Wayne Larmon wrote:

The device on the right is a re-badged Monaco (XRite) DTP-94  I used a DTP-94 (with Monaco software) for years before I switched to my NEC PA241W/Spectraview II/i1DP.   Stock DTP-94s are (usually) sRGB only, so NEC definitely did something to make theirs be wide-gamut.

I was going from memory and my memory was wrong.  (I just now looked in my storage drawer and my old DTP-94 looks different.)  The device on the right isn't a DTP-94.  I think it is a rebadged i1 Display Pro 2.  But I think that I was correct that NEC did do some kind of recalibration to make it wide gamut.  I think that the stock i1D2 was only sRGB.   And I don't think that NEC does any kind of recalibration for i1DPs, because they are accurate for wide band out of the box.


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